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what size injectors would be safe to run on my setup?
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Assuming you still have stock turbo I wouldn't go any bigger than 100hp injectors. Give Gus at Farmboys Diesel a call he'll hook you up:thumbsup
LOL. 150's all the way! Very manageable EGT's and you wont have to wish you went bigger. :thumbsup
better plan on a clutch....
i know i am going to need a clutch but i was going to wait till this one is done... i have a 4" downpipe and a 5" stack now
my egts get very hott very quick and i have 90 hp injectors with stock charger
i got water meth to thought
100's will keep you very streetable. LOL - 150's on a stock turbo?? You won't ever even think of towing again with that setup unless you get a larger turbo and then you'll have to have head studs and definitely a clutch. The list could go on and on..... Stick with a good set of 100's. :thumbsup
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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