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I'm new to this diesel stuff just sold my gas truck and buying a 24 valve cummins. I was wondering what is the best Hp Injectors out there for the truck and what is the price range.
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They make injectors up to around 250HP i beleive. You can pay anywhere from 200 for nozzles up to 1500 or so for some of the high end injectors. Anything past 150's makes the truck worthless for towing though in my opinion.
Now if i do the big injectors and the truck that i'm already looking at has a Fass System do i need to get a new pump to match the fass system and injectors or just run stock pump.
When you say pump, are you referring to the injection pump? If so, with a fass pump your stock IP will keep up fine with bigger injectors. If you get past in the 125-150 HP range and higher though, you are going to have to address the turbo as your egt's will be through the roof otherwise. We need a little more info on what exactly the truck is and what you plan on doing with it. I would say injectors are the most reliable and cheap way to get power out of VP powered trucks though.
a many a people on here towing with 200's or bigger mostly with twins, but you ask them how they like towing and im sure they'll say they love it.

as far as the question goes when you get your truck decide how much power you wanna make and go from there good luck!
Well the truck that i'm looking to buy has a edge comp box, fass system, and rv 270 injectors, what are those equivelent to the injectors? and what i am using the truck for is pretty much a mess around truck. Im not sled pulling, not tug a truck, not towing and i'm putting big wheels and tires with a lift so i'm not making it into a drag truck just something to cruise in and have fun with.
If its just a toy, you can pretty much run whatever you want.

What trans mods does the truck have?

The rv275's are a 40hp injector.
The rv275's are a 40hp injector.
50 hp I believe.
From what I've read the 275 denotes the 275hp cummins that is used in RV's and our trucks have 235hp so that would be a 40hp injector. IDK.:confused013:
its a five speed with a single disk southbend clutch. What would be the best website to go to for injectors or just overall diesel performance?
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