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These engines don't have a spray pattern like a gasoline fuel injector. Were I to guess, I'd say it's more in the realms of 90degrees angle, and the OE I think has a 6 port tip, and many aftermarket tips have 7 (not that this makes much difference). I believe all the 12 valve engines had two port tips.

The reason the narrow angle, is that the combustion takes place in a small pocket in the middle of the piston, and the heat charged air is spinning like a smoke ring in a donut shape inside this pocket. The fuel is injected into this donut piercing the top like you are injecting jelly into it. The smoke ring like movement mixes the fuel in as it burns.

The wide pattern like 150degrees seen on gassers is a 360 degree pattern (versus ports) and the purpose of the wide pattern is to disperse the fuel widely across the airflow passing it atomising it more fully.

I've had the tips/injectors in my hands, and I guess I could be wrong on the angle, but it looked to me to be just over 90degrees. But that's just a guess.

Not sure if this was what you were asking...?
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