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Hello everyone, this is my first post.
06 3500 stock 5.9 276k miles
So about a month ago heading to Dallas an injector decided to stick wide open (lots of white smoke at startup). With a slide in camper on the truck and a cargo trailer behind me I installed 6 Refurbished Bosh injectors from M&D diesel, crossover tubes, fuel filter, every gasket involved including the injector wiring harness & finished with a valve adjustment. All in a auto parts store parking lot. Took me all day.
-Problem 8-9 mpg & slight loss of power (before injector job 13-14mpg towing)
-So I pulled the crossover tubes inspected #4 had a half moon groove, replaced, retorqued , no change.
Wasted money on... map, Intake & Ambient air sensor, fuel high pressure release valve.
Brought to Dodge today to see what there fancy electronics would tell me.
-Fuel rail pressure drops off in 4 seconds
-Isolated injectors one at a time, rail pressure still drops. Isolate all injectors (single out fuel rail) holds pressure.
-Rail pressure is good
-Indicating faulty leaking
-Recommend replace all injectors & crossover tubes $4,200
I told them to put it back together & picked it up.
? Did I screw up my crossover tubes or injectors by not loosening the injectors?

M&D is bosch certified and would replace a faulty injector under 2 year warranty.

Any input would be greatly appreciated, I'm going a bit crazy & debating on my next step?
The dealer's answer is not a possibility!
Thanks for your time...
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