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what are signs of making oil? what brand 50 hp injectors
I have not done injectors yet so I haven't really studied up on them all that much. There are going to be a ton of brand loyal guys and some will actually know the difference between the injectors out there. Me I would just use the search button and read up on them. You can only use injector's for 03'-04' years IIRC unless you have an 04.5' (then you're looking at 04.5'-07......I think)? If my injector's went tits up on me tomorrow ( which would suck cause I couldn't afford to fix them :hehe: ) I would get some 90's or somewhere in that range because I know eventually I am going to add more air with a bigger turbo or turbo's. If you aren't sure about that then a small increase over stock would be the best bet. Unless you feel like belching smoke everywhere and running hot then get whatever size you want.

oil level increasing in crankcase
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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