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injector help

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hey guys
I beleive i am having probs out of my injectors?
rough idle
very low mpg (5-9 mpg)
rough starts
If it is the injectors what kind should i go with and what size? dont want to spend alot
thanks for the opinion!

2004 2500 cummins edge w/attitude, trans, intake, 305/65/17
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Is it making oil? And if I had to replace them I would at least go with 50 horse injectors instead of stockers. Or get the stockers honed after they're inspected.
what are signs of making oil? what brand 50 hp injectors
oil level increasing in crankcase
what are signs of making oil? what brand 50 hp injectors
I have not done injectors yet so I haven't really studied up on them all that much. There are going to be a ton of brand loyal guys and some will actually know the difference between the injectors out there. Me I would just use the search button and read up on them. You can only use injector's for 03'-04' years IIRC unless you have an 04.5' (then you're looking at 04.5'-07......I think)? If my injector's went tits up on me tomorrow ( which would suck cause I couldn't afford to fix them :hehe: ) I would get some 90's or somewhere in that range because I know eventually I am going to add more air with a bigger turbo or turbo's. If you aren't sure about that then a small increase over stock would be the best bet. Unless you feel like belching smoke everywhere and running hot then get whatever size you want.

oil level increasing in crankcase
I have the same problemes as ranhow and was wondering if 50hp injectors would make me black stack more?
yes even with 50hp injectors it will smoke more, cuz mine did before my upgraded cp3 and now its really bad. Bad injectors doesnt always create engine oil increase, cuz when mine went, it was hard to start and a rough idle at times, and my oil level never changed.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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