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Assuming RP with a HPCR Cummins is like believing a Chinese condom manufacturer and assuming they test their products. He NO pay for unwanted surprise baby.

Easy to measure on a 2007, OBD CAN bus Blue Tooth adapter and several apps will display Measured and ECU Commanded RP.
Measuring RP is the most basic test on your motor. Learn how.

I'm not going to waste my breathe or time covering the risk to that high priced Cummins motor by wasting money on Joe Smuck's homebrew outhouse rebuilt injectors. Search and read all the whore stories on here of new Cummins owners getting the rebuilt injector screw. Even the MoFart Taco Factory Rebuilts from Mexico are JUNKE.
Ask before you buy, you wasted your money on Cummins Killing crapola
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