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injection pump keeps getting in snyc with injectors

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for the second time in a month iv had my truck in the shop to get my pump adjusted 90* to stop the knocking noise. what is cuaseing this and how can i prevent it? is my pump on its way out.?
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my 06 did the same thing just repace the cp3 and i have the same knocking was going to do the same turning thing and try that. so your not alone. mybe some1 else will chime in on this.
well they took my pump off today and turned it again so far no knocking. i asked why they do it and he said its just been a problem. didnt really give me and answer. so i guess we will see how long this adjustment last for. last time it lasted 1 month. does anyone have an idea on how to prevent it or what is causing this. ?
I have seen this same issue on the 6.7 used in construction equipment. You have to make sure that the tapered shaft and drive gear taper are completely void of any oil residue or it will slip. Try marking the shaft and the gear so if it happens again you can tell if it moved.
ahhh so its a tapered shaft, ic now how it could happen. i though maybe it was a splined shaft. i just took it to the dealer and they fixed it but never really told me what was causeing it. thanks alot
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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