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I would like to know which air filter is working for someone with a bone stock 2008 6.7?
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Stock is working fine for me. I still feel that an engine that makes it's own air is not effected as much at the intake end as it is at the exaust end. Be careful with oiled air filters. Some have stated that the oil is not good for the turbo and can mess up the MAP sensors.
stock works good for me.
I have the AFE in my signature. It made the turbo louder and I feel that my motor is getting more air than the stock filter because a lot of my smoke out the straight pipe disappeared(this is before the EGR delete by the way).
AFE w/ pro guard is probably the best CAI
I have an AFE oiled drop-in replacement filter. Ever since installing it my filter minder does not suck down at all anymore. I ran the stock filter and then a stock 5.9 filter for a while and both would pull the minder down almost halfway just driving through the neighborhood. It must be helping flow better. Oiled filters are OK as long as you maintain them properly. I have a BHAF in the garage waiting for me to modify it to fit the new truck. There are two sensors now that have to be mounted on the elbow and I just haven't gotten around to it yet...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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