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Have a 2016 3500 shortbed with a Pusher Hi-Mount Compound system I purchased a few years ago. I have gone through the truck and fixed all the small things that needed attention. It has an FASS Titanium lift pump. It also has an ATS trans and from what they (ATS) told me, it is a Stage 3 with all the bells and Co-Pilot system. The truck runs decent but falls on its face at about the 3K RPM range. It pulls hard but the high end it is seriously lacking. Since it was purchased from a dealer and no history or ability to talk to the individual(s) that built the truck I am assuming nothing was done to the injectors or CP3. Can anyone tell me what would be the best way to go to try to hit 800 hp with that setup? I am trying to maximize what I have and not go into the bottom end of the engine. In particular, what size injectors and which CP3? I would like to stay with a single CP3. Lastly, will I need to retune to maximize using the new parts? Thanks
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