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In which order?

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So i have a #100 fuel plate, AFC slide ff, star wheel tuned to where it has big puff at first then haze at WOT, waste gate plugged, now that I have some decent cash flow i want to start adding more "go fast stuff" :party018: so i am thinking im going to need to do turbo, head studs, 4k's, injectors, maybe a fuel pump. But i don't know which ones? I don't have horsepower goal but I'm thinking 450-500 is plenty. But i don't have all the cash in a pile so the build will be slow, which should I do first? and is there anything else i should do? other than intake and exhaust. I don't tow much. More like a daily driver that tows a horse or two short distances. Thanks for the help!
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I'm pretty sure boost=power and its power (HP & TQ) that kills the tranny... not to sound rude haha
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