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In which order?

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So i have a #100 fuel plate, AFC slide ff, star wheel tuned to where it has big puff at first then haze at WOT, waste gate plugged, now that I have some decent cash flow i want to start adding more "go fast stuff" :party018: so i am thinking im going to need to do turbo, head studs, 4k's, injectors, maybe a fuel pump. But i don't know which ones? I don't have horsepower goal but I'm thinking 450-500 is plenty. But i don't have all the cash in a pile so the build will be slow, which should I do first? and is there anything else i should do? other than intake and exhaust. I don't tow much. More like a daily driver that tows a horse or two short distances. Thanks for the help!
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I would put a 4" stainless exhaust system (like the one from advance auto). Next improve your breathing on the other end of the engine with a clean air kit, BHAF, or something similar like the 4" hole cut in the firewall for forced cold air. Better breathing is a must.

Then I would get the transmission strong enough to handle anything you would throw at it.

Now that you have your air coming in and your exhaust going out much easier and your transmission up to the job it is time to work on the engine.

The first part is a pac brake 4k gsk (the cheapest I have found on 2 sites for about $75). If you would rev the engine above 3k get the heavier exhaust and intake springs. You do not want to have your valves and pistons try to be in the same place at the same time.

So far I have not really given you any power yet I just spent over $600 here perhaps a lot more when you need to add more parts to your transmission.

Next you can add the other stuff like the air intake made from 2 pieces of 3" tubing welded together for better breathing or maybe even a double inlet intake. Adding a 3 piece exhaust manifold would be relatively cheap insurance as the stock exhaust manifold can shrink and crack especially with added power.

Now you can add whatever injectors, fuel supply, turbo, and other go fast parts you choose.

If you notice my approach here I did the prep work before doing the finish work. By doing all of the supporting mods first that will accept the power you will be adding first you never risk a breakdown from to much power added to stock parts that are not able to hold that power or give a performance restriction.
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