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In which order?

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So i have a #100 fuel plate, AFC slide ff, star wheel tuned to where it has big puff at first then haze at WOT, waste gate plugged, now that I have some decent cash flow i want to start adding more "go fast stuff" :party018: so i am thinking im going to need to do turbo, head studs, 4k's, injectors, maybe a fuel pump. But i don't know which ones? I don't have horsepower goal but I'm thinking 450-500 is plenty. But i don't have all the cash in a pile so the build will be slow, which should I do first? and is there anything else i should do? other than intake and exhaust. I don't tow much. More like a daily driver that tows a horse or two short distances. Thanks for the help!
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Do your turbo and injectors at the same time. Go with 5x12's and a 62/65/12 or similar turbo and you will be happy and in the 400hp range.

With out a billet input you would be safer staying closer to 400hp. With what is my sig I killed my trans which had an after market TC and VB with about 30k on it since last rebuilt. No the input shaft did not fail but over 400hp it is vulnerable. Converter failed and clutch packs gave up about 4 months after going to a 62 and 5x12's.

It has all been rebuilt with Goerend parts so now I am safe up to 750 hp, $5k later that is.
These cummins will make unreal power! The injectors and turbo are cheap compared to wiping out your trans. Just be sure it is up to par before getting to crazy with go fast parts.

As to the order of up grades:


Tune your AFC

Head studs, might as well do valve springs while you are in there

Turbo and injectors

Retune your AFC.

Give some thought to a billet input

Keep in mind this is only my opinion, other might have a different idea.
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The transmission link above is a good read.
It should be stickied!
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