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In need of opinions and guidance!

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Okay fellas, I know i might get flamed for a general post like this but I've got to do it, it's driving me crazy! I recently bought a new 2007 2500 with the 6.7. It currently has just under 6000 miles on it and I'm tired of waiting to put the mods on it. However, I just found out, in my quest for a cold air intake, that it can be rather hard to find things for this 6.7. It's my understanding that K&N does not make a CAI for the 6.7 model. I was told to go with an AirAid. Any thoughts? Let me first let you know what I hav ein mind for this truck. I bought this truck to be my "show" truck. I just want to be able to show it off. I have a lonnggggg list of things I'd like to do to it but I'm new to diesel engines. I grew up with gas engines. The first four things I woul dlike to do are as follows:
1) CAI- was going to go with K&N but now I'm not sure which make to go with?
2) Power Conversion- Was thinking triple dog bully dog - but I reallywant to make this baby smoke (I know= waisted fuel = but again, I just want it to be pretty!)
3) Dual 5-6" mitre cut stacks
4) Suspension lift - I have no clue which one to go with here!!! Please help.

My biggest concern presently is that I have the means to be able to obtain these features and the access to garages for all except the stacks. I'm asking for your opinions on which one, what kind, and where to buy the air filter, power converter, and suspension lift. I also understand I'm going to have to remove the dpf but I guess I'll have to read more about this. Regardless, any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Thanks so much fellas!
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My non-6.7 driving opinion:

DPF Delete- Get from BADP, site sponser

CAI- "Icebox" from jbarker on here

Programmer- Seems like the Edge/MP-8 combo is the best for the 6.7

Talk to KMKDiesel & Compcowboy. They know lots.

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I would try and find a AFE intake. I bought a AEM and I am not to wild about it. If you are going to pay a truck full of cash for a K&N, you might as well buy the AFE. My $.02!
Don't get anything K&N or airaid unless you like crap in your engine. They have high flow because they are scientifically proven to let high amounts of particulates through. I like True Flow and AFE.
My AEM filter always shows very good filtration when I do oil analysis. Go with the bigger Workhorse. AFE is good also. Don't know too much about others mentioned. K&N is No-No, imho. :peelout
Dont have a 6.7, but I would stay away from oiled filters if I were you. You can get pretty much any kit, and then just add the Amsoil Nano Filter. As far as lifts go, has some pretty good deals. Good luck to you with the mods, and the future "Show" truck!!:thumbsup
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