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im still stalling

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Alright so ive got a 95 CTD in a 94 F350. I started running biodiesel in my truck about a month ago when I finished my conversion. Right after I filled it up the very first time (i mean with in a mile) the truck started sputtering and stalled. It feels like I am running out of gas, I have been filling it up with regular #2 and it seems to be better but the motor will still bog down and it feels like im not getting any fuel. It only stall every now and again but i just cant figure it out. Ive changed all the filters several times and I dont know whats next.....thanks fellas
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Checking the tank strainer and changing the rubber fuel lines both sounded reasonable.

You said you changed the fuel filter but you did not mention cleaning the strainer in the strainer/heater before the mechanical lift pump (This is also a notorious place for an air leak). A fuel pressure gauge might tell you something.

Have you done an autopsy on any of the filters you changed to see if they were gunked?
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