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im gonna jump, please help

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so I bought my truck Friday, its a 03 ram 3500 with the six speed. It has an air dog2 200 on it and the first couple days I could hear it running, I haven't heard it at all today and i just went to walmart; when I pulled up before my wife went in I shut the truck off. I wasn't getting on it on the way there or anything, just normal driving. Anyways I deceided to stay in the truck with my daughter who was passed out rather than waking her up to go inside. I went to restart the truck and had to crank on it for about 2 seconds to get it to start. so I shut it off and tried again. still a long crank. I was scared so I pulled out the ssr and reloaded a stock tune and started it again and still a slow crank. I limped it home and its sitting in my driveway. My rail pressure gauge was jumping from 4k-6k at idle and doing the same bounce as I drove home. I kept it under 9000 the whole way home not to push the truck to hard and didn't go over 45mph. Its the stock cp3 with stock injectors with 190000 miles. Do you think its just my lift pump took a crap and needs replaced? also I have alligator sump on the tank, and when I got home I shut the truck off and started it again and it kicked in to high idle at full operating temp 185ish. The overhead console said I was getting 17mpg and it usually reads 22+. One other thing is I had to unplug the rail pressure sensor? to get the bd intake elbow on last night but plugged it back in and truck was fine last night.
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Check your filters first .
Could be the symptom of a bad FCA. Retorque your cross over tubes and see what happens. If it has a lot of miles on the injectors they could be going. that's how mine started before they went.
Fwiw a dying lp usually won't cause hard starts.

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Long crank, 2 seconds, is your only concern at this point? Nothing else funny? Was the truck running bad on the drive home?
So you do not hear your AirDog running anymore ??

You usually can hear them ON a noisy day.

Just saying, but I would start there.
Make sure the l/p is running first , there should be a fuse inline somewhere so trace the power wire back and find/check that.
so I took a voltage meter to the plug at the airdog, no voltage. I replaced the relay and the inline fuse is good (pulled and visually inspected) and It still wont show any voltage, no breaks in the line anywhere (everything was covered with the black conduit crap) is there a fuse for the stock lift pump and if so where?
also it ran ok on the way home but before I left walmart I reloaded the stock software. And I do not hear my air dog at all, the day before yesterday it was coming on then shutting off and doing that over and over again. Then yesterday I dropped by alligator to chat for a minute and as I went to leave I flicked the key on and noticed that I couldn't hear a obnoxious drone. so I flipped the key back and forth and couldn't hear anything but the truck fired up just fine and I drove home.
Ive seen fuses that looked good be bad, ohm the fuse you have to make sure. I would check power at fuse and than at relay, make sure you have power where it needs to be. The factory f/p wire is used to trigger the relay and im sure theres a fuse in the power module, take the cover off and find the fuse and check that. Let us know how all that goes.
ill get to checking the fuse and the relay tomorrow when its light out. I tried putting power to the lift pump and when I touched the prongs it sparked like the pump has a short in it, is this possible?
Its very possible , ive read a lot of the pump seals going out and filling motor with fuel and shorting out.
Spooled05 is right check fuse you should show a full 12v to make the pump come alive I'm running a FASS. You can hear me coming from a mile away the pump is louder than my truck 5" straight pipe lol.
thanks for all the time and help guys, sadly Im just a big dumb A**. The fuse and relay for my lift pump is right next to the fuse and relay for the vgt controller that's hasn't been taken out of my truck yet and the wiring for it goes down right next to the wiring for the lift pump. I found the fuse for my lift pump, it was blown. changes it and everything is great. good news is I learned on wet pavement that my truck lights them tires through 5th after rolling on it in 3rd at about 25mph.
Good to hear you got er rolling again and yeah that cummins is a horse.
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