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I want a Lift but can i still pull 5th wheel ?

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I want a 6" lift wtih 37's but how high can i go and still pull my 36' 5th wheel? I even thought about lifting my 5th wheel any suggetions? Pictures would be great.
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I run a 4" and 37" tires, on the truck in my sig, I still pull a GN and have pulled a 5er that had the axles flipped...., I would say go for it, have your local RV store flip the axles for you and enjoy!
Thanks, any pictures?
when i had my duramax, the truck had a tweaked 6inch lift with 35's and I pulled a gn with 25,000 + with no problems. Havent done that with this truck yet. oh so eager to!!
I have a 6" with 35 and pull a 37' 5r with flipped axels no problems
The trailer makes the truck look small and it looks like there is no bed clearance but there is 8"s there now

This pic here was the day I bought it before I had the hitch and pin box adjusted for clearance and level
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Damn! Thats a good lookin' dually.
Damn! Thats a good lookin' dually.
thank you, although it now has black wheels, gives it a whole new look
Thanks Liftman, did you flip the axxles or have the RV shop?
I had it done at the factory when I orderd it. But any competent R.V. shop can do it.
It is also fairly simple to do your self.
i have a 40 foot 5th wheel that i pull with my truck i have a 3 inch lift and just have reg tires on it since my long box dually conversion

but do have a pic of my truck with the 35s after the long box conversion but before the dually conversion as it it took me a couple weeks to get the parts for the dually conversion completion

i am gonna go with 19.5 wheels and 35s again once these wear out so im gonna flip the axles and also add a jacobs brake and air bags to the truck
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Thanks for the pictures,
I think i am gona try to flip them myself since im working out of town and have NOTHING else to do in the afternoon when i get off work.
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