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I need some trouble shooting help...PLEASE

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My truck has been running fine since deleted but now its acting up under acceleration in 3rd and 4th gear and even tried in 5th And still does it. It acts like I'm hold holding the brakes while accelerating it slows down, rpms climb just a little not a lot like I assume it would if it was slipping, boost keeps going ive seen 35lbs to where I've only seen 30 before it started this. Has anyone experienced this ? Thanks in advance

2012 Ram 2500, DRD tuned,5" TBE, BMF Novakanes 35x12.5x20 Toyo open country AT 2s
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Assume manual since you’ve “tried 5th”.

If so, you need a better clutch. Deleted plus stock clutch = slip eventually. Some swear they can make them last. I’ve never been able to.

Look into Valair or Southbend. Recommend either companies dual disk organic. Also recommend their quiet version.
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