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Man guys, I have a real big problem, while cruising down the highway this evening, I just got this funny smell in the cab. Well it was a new smell, one of those that just doesn’t fit with the pickup. It smelt like hot electrical with a rubber smell and a little diesel flavor mixed in. Well I now have my pick up on auto pilot and I proceed to try and smell every part of the cab that I can reach as if I am some kind of pointer looking for that one last pheasant. I mean it was getting bad, I was pulling this little hill and it was driving me nuts it wasn’t coming from the passenger side, the rear smelt ok, but damn it to hell I can’t figure out where this new smell is coming from. Needles to say I am still cruising about 70 and this damn smell is making me worried. I was heading home from giving a load of firewood to my friend and all I can smell is this hot diesel/electric/rubber smell and I am getting worried.

Well, what seemed to be a lifetime the smell just disappeared then it dawn on me.

I had just passed an 08 superduty furd,:rof:rof

Man I am glad I found my Cummins:thumbsup
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