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I need a transfer case!! 241 DLD...

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Hey I recently bought a supposedly "totaled" 2001 dodge cummins witha straight body, straight frame, and a good running engine and tranny... :) $1500.... Anyways the suspension/steering and transfer case was torn up. The 241 DLD transfer case housing was broke but everything inside is good. I got all the suspension/steering parts and now I need a transfer case.

I've been reading about a lot of people switching out there 241 DLD's for 271 or 241 DHD. What I want is a 241 DLD if anyone has one just because I'm laid off right now and low on funds. The 241 DLD was what came out of it and I know there junk, but I just need something for now to get moving. I figured since a lot of people were swapping them out, maybe someone has one cheap they wanna get rid of. Let me know.

Whether you got a full or any type of 241 DLD that hooked up to a 5 speed manual. Even if its missing some internals... Let me know. I may be intrested, becasue my internals were all good....