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I have video of 175

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who wants it? It is on my cell phone. not the greatest but you can see smoke from 15-90. hehe.
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You tease you!!!!
no i really do, its on my cell, how do I post it?
depending on the format its in, might need to convert it and then upload to youtube and post. Alot of work for a video thats of poor quality. Chances are its in a format such as 3gp.
and you need a cable or some way to get it from your phone to your pc. unless you can email it from your phone to your pc.
email from the phone to yer email, dl it to yer comp, then ul it to Youtube :)
Send it to photobucket, that'll work.
will do in AM.
i just copy vids from the phone to my laptop and uploaded my vid on photobucket. i wanna see this, i think i want one lol
all i do is email it to myself then download it as a quicktime, and upload to utube!
is it uploaded yet lol
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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