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I hate wiring!!! help! 1 last item to finish installing gauges

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So I followed the diagram and found the wire that is shown for the 12 volt key on ignition source. but it does not work on the 1998.5! it must be different on the 2002?? I went through numerous wires with my tester poking and trying 1 by 1, I have found a few, but one wire triggered my wipers to run, and another my 4x4 light came on! I dont want to mess anything up, wiring scares the sh*! out of me.

So I brought myself to wiring my gauges that right into the radio fuse, I mean pulled the fuse and shuved the 2 wires in place with the fuse! not really my style. So I either start ripping my dash apart to find out how to get at the back side of my fuse panel to tie into my radio wires, or hope someone has a better answer. CHEERS
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Yes I suppose that would be my quickest way. Fairly clean and inexpensive, cheers.

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Any parts store should have a few different types of those on the shelf. (for LESS than $10)

If you are new to electrical work, remember, to tap on the downstream side of the fuse so that you get the benefit of it.
If you want to tap the upstream side of the fuse, you MUST add a separate fuse in your circuit. A lone gauge light bulb should be fine tacked on to an existing fuse.

If you are unsure which is the downstream side do this:

1. Remove the fuse.
2. Take your multimeter and set it on DC Volts.
3. Touch the black probe to ground. (some bare metal part of the truck)
4. Touch the red probe to each side of the fuse pocket.
5. One side will show battery voltage (12-13.2). The other will show 0 (zero).

The one that shows zero volts is the downstream one.
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