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I graduated to a 06

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I am picking up my new to me 06 this evening.:hyper: I found one with low miles (25K) at a local dealer. It seems the weak hearted or broke are trading a lot of diesels in right now.

I knew some about 2nd gens now I am starting over. Anything I need to watch out for on the 3rd gen 5.9

Also will the Oil filters from the 2nd gen fit on the 3rd gen? From what I can tell from WIX's catalog the only diff is the 3rd gen is fluted at the bottom for a filter wrench. (I have 5 just want to use them)
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love mine, no major problems and pulls the 32' tt like a clydesdale
The oil filters will fit.
i love my 06, everything i read about the silly problems happen to mine, 2 coolant leaks and one cel for a batter temp sensor, but other than that i love my truck!! the coolant leaks required a zip tie on the overflow from the radiator and 2 stock hose clamps to be tightened.
i like my truck, it will give these rice burners a run for there money:peelout. haven't had a major problem with it (knock on wood).
I got mine last Nov. I love mine. The only thing I have done it tighten a couple hose clamps to stop a radiator fluid leak. It actually goes to the heater core, I think.

I kinda wish that I had waited till now cuz the prices are dropping due to fuel cost, but then I wouldn't have had my truck for 7 months either. I guess it's a wash.
I too am purdy happy with mine! My only regret is not getting the manual, towing with the auto is a little less than impressive. I have had a rear pinion seal go out on me but thats it. The engine is everything i expected, pulls like a fright train! I dont think you will be dissapointed.
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