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HX40 install

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just bought an HX40 for my truck..just wondering what all I'm gonna need to do to get this thing on there? Will it just mount right up or am I gonna need a different downpipe or exhaust maniforld or anything? Thanks..the stocker is an HY-35 with the 9 mm exhaust right?
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yes you will need a differnt down pipe, post up some pics of the hx40, there are some that bolt right in place, and alot that wont. putting mine on too about 4 hours.

smooth install, get ready for some lag compared to the hy35, and make sure the hx40 has a 16cm housing at the biggest! any bigger and you're asking it not to spool.

what state are you in?
it wouldnt be worth replacing it. you can get an hx40 that will work for under $300
yeah that nuts fun, i think i did it from underneath with an offset box end
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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