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Hx35 & s478

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Alright guys wondering if i should just drop 2200 on a 67mm efr turbo and run a single or just do hx35/s478.

Wanting to know which is better bang for the buck, trying to break 600hp with:

Benched pump
DDP 042s

Savings? I own a cummins. I dont save my money.
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The S478 isn't needed for 600, an S475 would be better for the savings or even better would be an S472 or S471 for quicker response. The HX35 in a compound set can get there, but it isn't the best secondary for that goal. If you're going to use the HX35 then I'd recommend porting the wastegate and drilling through to vent the other volute. An HX40 would be a better choice for a top turbo or an S300G if you can afford it. If on a pure budge and peak horsepower is your only goal then I'd recommend a large single, but if a fast street truck is the goal then I'd recommend compounds.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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