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hx35 compressor upgrade

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I've been looking on what to do for a turbo for my truck and don't have the money for a big nice turbo.
i did fine a hx40 compressor housing upgrade that bolts right up to the hx35.
it comes with the compressor housing and the 60mm wheel.

my question is this a good upgrade? I'm looking to see upwards of 45 psi?

I've been getting about 37 psi out of this hx35 and i don't want to push it to much farther because you can risk it blowing up and anything over 40psi on a hx35 would be nothing but a "hot charge" anyway. THANKS FOR ANY INPUT
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I wouldn't attemp to spin it that fast. Also, the bearing housing has to be machined to fit the larger exducer of the wheel. Although, they do make a 60mm w/ the same exducer as the 56mm wheel, but I don't see that as an upgrade.
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