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Hi all,

Thought I would share this with the forum.

I took a couple of days off of work and tackled the broken HVAC "blend" doors, evaporator core and dash in my '03 Dodge Ram 2500.

First of all, it was a heck of a job getting the dash moved away from the firewall but I used some excellent guidance from this forum and Youtube to get it done.

I used the replacement HVAC blend doors from Dorman. Hope I don't regret it but the better quality ones were a little too rich for me. Of course, if I have to replace these doors again, I will probably wish I went with the higher quality doors.

I also bought a new intake box to replace the original. While I was in there, I replaced the AC evaporator core and heater core. I cleaned up all of the old "weather stripping" from around the HVAC box surfaces and used some marine weather stripping as a replacement.

Got everything back together and slapped in a new Geno's garage dash. The original dash came out in a million pieces.

I'm 90% happy with the Geno dash. The only fitment issue is on the passenger side of the truck where the airbag trim cover comes in contact with the new dash. I also don't like the defroster vent styling very much. They look a little hoaky. The original vents looked better... but nothing to lose sleep over. Overall, I'm very happy with the Geno dash and the interior looks like it came out of the showroom now.

Oh, and now I have air coming out of the correct vents whereas before, I had no defrost or lower air. Just air out of the forward vents.

Finally, I took the truck to a AC shop and had them evacuate and then recharge the system. To my surprise, it held vacuum for over 30 minutes and was blowing cold air again. This is after over 2 years without AC in the Virginia heat & humidity.

On my trip home, I measured 38F inside the vents on a 92F day. I'll take that!

Sorry I don't have pictures of the dash apart... I was knee deep in it and didn't think about pictures. I can answer any questions about the dash removal and HVAC box, if needed.

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