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Huge thanks to Valair

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I just wanted to give a huge thanks to the guys at Valair!:thumbsup: You guys did me a huge favor this weekend.

I went on a road trip from NE Louisiana to New Braunfels TX. I installed a Valair single disc about six months ago, but didn't upgrade my hydralics.:doh: The stock hydralics failed in Austin on the way out!:shock: In a traffic jam!:banghead: But I was able to limp the truck into New Braunfels. Call Dan at Valair (he was out of town) on his cell, gave him the details, and told him I would try to limp it up to Mineral Wells. He said he would open the shop for me on sunday if I could get it there. Made the beautiful drive up 281 clutchless (ok so I made a couple rolling stops, sorry LEOs) Pulled into Mineral Wells about 11 am, waited a short while for the guys to show up, and got a sweet Upgraded Hydro kit from them. Got it on and got it rollin again!:headbang: I really should have put this on a long time ago. Much better than the stocker!

So once again, a HUGE Thanks to Dan and the guys at Valair for coming out on a Sunday afternoon to help a guy out!!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

(Oh, and I got to check out the "Farm Truck" too, NICE!:headbang:)

Josh D.
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Ive talked to Dan on the phone before. He is a purty good fella. That says a lot about a company and there people to help out when guys are in a rut.:thumbsup::thumbsup::yourock:
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