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Anyone know where to find one? I've googled everything I could think of.
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I was looking for one for a while also and never could snag one. They come up on ebay occasionally, if you keep a close watch you might catch one on there. As far as new I've never seen one anywhere, and I'm sure it'd be expensive.
I found a new one for 3k almost shat myself. I'm watching ebay like a hawk. I've noticed though that when turbos are posted they don't put "ht4c" it's labeled by the engine it came off. I have no idea what these come off of either. I'm looking for it or a 80mm hx60.
If you're a member, they come up in the CompD classifieds once in a while too. Used of course, but I don't think I've ever seen one for more than $600 at the most. I've just never seen them fast enough to buy one.
I guess the hunt is on. If it take more then a few months I'm going to head over to forced inductions.
I can get ya an Aluminum Cover/Oil Cooled HX82 Brand New for a pretty good price. But that is still a hefty price. :hehe:
Lol ya and a little big though. A 83mm ht4c is as big as I was to go. If I can't find one I'm gunna pick up a new 78/92/1.10.
Awww, C'mon. They come in a 89mm version ! :confused013:
Going for a clean setup. This we be street driving and Maybe the strip once or twice just to see what it runs. I tuned the out of the truck today and now there a slight haze before boost from a dead stop. It won't start without the pedal now. Trying to figure that out now. If I buy a new truck I'll go all out on this one. That 89 sounds nice you know how many lbs/min they flow?
Turn the idle screw up just a touch. If that don't work, tighten each gov spring one click and back the idle off just a smidge. Should help with the starting.

I'm just razzing ya by the way on the HX82. I can't remember off the top of my head. But it's some un godly 160lbs/min or close too on the 102mm HX82s. Not sure on the 89s. With an HX82 setup properly you could spin it hard enough to show us the internals of the block ! :hehe:
12vs are cheap enough to destroy and not cry over haha. My idles already to high. I was going to dig into the governor springs tomorrow. Not looking forward to it.
Check out a semi junkyard. I forget what engines they come on but that would be your best bet.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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