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HP Tuners Pro Feature Set Updates

We are excited to announce that the Pro Feature Set is scheduled to be released December 2018!
At the initial launch, Pro Feature Set will give you the ability to use Pro Link, and Expander Hub.
Future updates of the Pro Feature Set will follow with stand alone logging (vehicle dependent),
Bluetooth flashing, and more.

Pro Feature Set

• Stand Alone Logging (vehicle dependent)
• Built in Accelerometer Logging
• BlueTooth Flashing (vehicle dependent)
• HPTnet Activation (MPVI2 display port)
_- Data Broadcasting
_- Wireless Sensors
_- Pro Link Support
_- Expander Hub Support

Cost of the Pro Feature Set will be $249.99 and will include a FREE Pro Link
Click here to visit the Pro Feature Set product page

Introducing the HP Tuners Pro Link

Along with the Pro Feature Set we will also launch our Pro Link.
Together with the Pro Feature Set, the Pro Link will allow you to import two analog and one
CAN signal such as a wide Band O2 or boost pressure sensor, further enhancing your calibration
and logging experience.

Pro Link

• 2x dedicated 0-5V analog inputs
• 1x CAN bus input (500kb)
• 100Hz sampling rate
• HPTnet cable (male) to 5 wire harness

This device will be FREE with the Pro Feature Set, and will be provided for FREE to
customers that have upgraded from an MPVI PRO

Should you need a replacement Pro Link the cost will be $34.99
Click here to visit the Pro Link product page

Expander Hub

The Expander Hub is expected to be released in Q1 of 2019.
The Expander Hub will offer a wider variety of inputs and analog outputs, and the capability of
Bluetooth pairing with the MPVI2.
It will be the ultimate tool for the professional tuner that will help you perfect your calibration by
integrating any device you need to use.

Expander Hub

• 2x dedicated 0-5V analog outputs
• 4x universal pins capable of analog input, digital input, PWM input, digital output, or PWM output
• 2x external CAN bus inputs
• 100 Hz analog signal acquisition rate
• Configurable and field updatable via HPTnet (wired mini display port)
• Configuration data is non-volatile (remembers its settings)
• HPTnet via Bluetooth pairing to MPVI2 enabled

This device will be an additional charge (TBD), and will need to be purchased separately
from the Pro Feature Set

Customer Scenarios

1. New MPVI2 Buyer ? Purchase an MPVI2 with Pro Feature Set and the Pro Link cable
will come FREE in the MPVI2 box. ($549.98 plus shipping)

2. Existing MPVI2 Owner ? Purchase Pro Feature Set and receive Pro Link for FREE
($249.99 plus shipping).

3. Upgrade MPVI Std Owner ? Upgrade MPVI Std to MPVI2, you must also purchase
Pro Feature Set to receive a Pro Link ($438.99 plus shipping).

4. Upgrade MPVI Pro Owner ? Upgrade MPVI Pro to MPVI2, Pro Feature Set and
Pro Link is provided FREE of charge ($189.00 plus shipping).

5. Existing Upgraded MPVI2 Owner – Already upgraded your MPVI Pro to MPVI2,
Pro Feature Set and Pro Link is provided FREE of charge (plus shipping) for a
limited time only. Contact SUPPORT HERE should you require a Pro Link cable.

Click here for details about the upgrade process

For the full VCM Editor Change Log, please see the following link:

For the full VCM Scanner Change Log, please see the following link:

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