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Names Bill and I work in the fire/timber industry in and around mile high country. Im soon to be engaged (she better say yes) and have me a couple of pups, a Field Lab and some kind of adorable mutt that the lady friend picked out. Never owned any video games as a kid and had probably 200 pounds of legos. Now, my knuckles are always busted, palms are rough, and there is always something spilled on the garage floor. I've always been a diesel truck fan. They're the locomotives of the road. I'll ride my bicycle before I buy another gasser.
Anyway, picked me up a 93 w250 and love the simplicity. Soooo much room while working on 'er...Shade-tree mechanics dream. She's straight piped with pizza cutters and a flatbed. Dodge makes it Cummins shakes it could not be more true!
Thanks in advance for all the info. This forum has already been a great reference. I'll be sure to throw in my dues as well. Be easy Ya'll.
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