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How to Replace the AC Evaporator Core in a 98 ??

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The one under the Dash panel ???

Does the whole dash need to be removed to obtain access to the AC evaporator ??

Can someone point me to a How To Article ??
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To answer your question...Yes, the whole dash has to be removed AND the heater box must be removed from the truck. Believe me, I just done this on my 99. If you are weak-hearted, do not get a price from the dealer to do this.:thud::thud: The job is not hard, but yet it is time consuming. I would say for a first timer, the whole job will be 12 hours+ taking it to a shop for a charge on A/C. I would say I could now change one in 6-7 hours, since I know the inner workings. Let me know if you need any help along the way, PM me or otherwise.
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