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how to code free and flicker free HID lights

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here is for everyone that can crimp or better solder few wires together, how to make your own harness for Flicker Free HID lights
get 4 yes (four) 50w 6 ohm resistors , ebay is the cheapest. or wherever u want to get them...
and if you can-- follow the schematic below.
make sure you bolt the resistors to the metal chassis not plastic parts or you going to have problem!!!!! it will melt or catch fire in the worst case...its as hot as your 50w light bulb....

worked for mine will work for yours.
good luck

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Your lenses aren't built for HIDs. They work really well cause they blind everyone else. If nothing else adjust them down some. Don't be "that guy". I have four 6" lightforces on the front of my truck that make it so I can see really well but I don't drive with them on cause that would make me an a$# hole. Think about it. Your HID kit isn't dot approved for a reason.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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