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My 97 extcab long bed came with an exhaust system that is not my taste.. What do you think it's worth?? These things are HUGE :shock:

5" exhaust pipe going into 7" stacks. It does NOT have a y-pipe which makes it many times less efficient. It basically goes through the bed on the passenger side then " T " 's off to the stacks. Also, it appears to have a resonator or glasspack under the cab.

I'll be going with a 4" turbo back which routes the same as a factory exhaust, likely with no tip :party018:.

Many many plans for this truck.. Will start a build thread in the coming months.. It definitely needs some work :thumbsup:

The stacks will be up for sale. I need your opinions on the value of them. Some people love them, some hate them that's for sure! lol

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