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how long should an aftermarket clutch last?

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well I got a call from the shop this morning and they had the tranny out of my truck and did an inspection of the clutch and told my it is shot... almost worn down to the rivets:banghead:. The reason this surprises me is that it is a valair ceramic clutch that is supposed to hold 600HP and my truck is making less than 500HP and the clutch only has apprx. 12,000 miles on it.
I called valair and they guy told me that if i slip it alot it could possibly be worn out already... obviously, but i dont so whats the deal?
And then he proceeded to tell me it is out of warranty(by like a month:banghead:) so there is nothing he can do

How long should i expect an aftermarket clutch to last? i mean replacing it once a year is gunna be too expensive
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What clutch is it exactly? You may want to go with a dual disc, like a 3250dd ( I think that's the number) From SouthBend. It has a higher torque rating, but the pedal isn't much harder to push than stock. I have heard of several people's single discs not holding up for much more than a year, regardless of the company. I think a dual would be a better route anyway since you are planning on towing more. Hopefully more people will chime in with what's working for them.
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