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Don’t even give it another thought….. heck I pretty much put mine in 4x4 the third week in October and pull it out the first week of April! I don’t run studs so I really only take it out of 4x4 when I am trying to park or when I hit dry pavement. If I had to guess, I would say that my old 2005 hemi ¾ ton had probably 10,000 miles worth of nothing but 4x4 driving. I routinely drove that rig up to 65 and 70 mph in 4x4 with no problems what so ever and had it up to 85 numerous times passing other traffic in 4x4. :thumbsup: It even got shifted into 4x4 low range on the fly once…:doh:.. with no ill effects, although I would certainly not recommend the practice.

Wifey drives an 07 Toyota 4Runner and it spends even more time in 4x4 than my old Dodge did.

The key to it is to only use it when your roads are slick. Up here they don’t grade the roads down to bare pavement so there is always a layer of compacted snow or ice during the winter that prevents the binding and excessive wear associated with 4x4 use on pavement.

Father-in-law has a Subaru Forester that does pretty good on ice and compacted snow. Not nearly as good as the Wifes 4Runner, but plenty good enough for around town, and the Subbies are fairly spunky rigs to drive…. Kind of a hoot powersliding it around sweepers on the ice! :thumbsup:
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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