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how do you

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how do you upload a full size picture in the thread ?
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how do you upload a full size picture in the thread ?
use an image hosting service like photpbucket. It's free, you just have to set up an account.
After you get your images loaded , use the link insert feature at the top of the window in your post text box.
Set yourself up a account, and when you have your pics uploaded onto the site, you can use the IMG Code below your pic to bring them in. When you are making a post, you will see a yellow box on the tool bar with a mountain scene on it. Click on that, and when it comes up with the http://, copy and paste the IMG Code from your photobucket account into that space. Then, when it is transfered onto the post, take out the first [IMG and the last IMG], so that they dont show up on your post. Go Advanced, so that you can check it, and you are all set. Hope this helps you out!!
I will do that ,thank you.
No problem bud....anytime!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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