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is it just me; when going down a pretty steep grade while towing in tow/haul and the eb on my truck will shift down to 3rd gear and rpms will climb to 3grand. sounds good but i dont know if this will cause any ill effects down the road cause it kind shifts hard. aint gotta use the brakes tho!! ne thots appreciated
I experienced this too. I use the cruise even downhill (set to an appropriate speed) and the system does a good job if there is enough engine braking to hold the speed.

I just went down the hill between Lagrande and Pendeleton (Oregon) and used the cruise set at 45 most of the time and the truck did great. I bumped it up to 65 as we got on the final straignt away near the bottom. Awesome-my disks recieved no wear from that hill. :woot2:
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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