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How do I reinstall Crazy Larry?

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I updated my triple dog and lost Crazy Larry . I got some one to E-mail it to me But I cant figure out how to Reinstall it. Could someone help me out? Thanks
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Uninstall it from your truck.

Then plug it into the computer and begin reinstalling the latest version after it gets to 35% or better in the install unplug it from the cable. You should get a error message to contact bully dog or reload soft ware. This some times takes a couple trys. Once you get the error message close the updater then plug it back in and run the CL install.
well your the man to help him as im memory serves me right you were the one to figure out the process..\

I have the full loader since mine came from Buddy when we were beta testing 2.4.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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