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How 2 lower EGT'S

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I have a 98.5 diesel 24valve.4x4, 275 injectors 35in tires, 3.50 gears, I have an hx 30 or 35 turbo not sure right now. edge EZ, I have a built HTT transmission with billet input and output shafts. The question is that I pulled my travel trailer for a long distance for the 1st time. It is a pull trailer not a 5th wheel about 30 feet my guess is a 9000lbs. Pulls easy but up here in the high sierras in California there are a lot of hillz and the altitude is 7500 feet and above. Some hills I have to slow to 40-55 to control the egts below 1200* and try to keep the rpms at under 2200rpm. The problem is I barely have the throttle depressed with lots of power on hand while trying to monitor the EGRs and the rpms. What can be done to get lower egts so I could use more of the avialable power. I am under the impression that 2200rpm is a good max rpm but I could be wrong can I get away with increase rpm for the hill climbs. Thanks not complaining too much this is a great truck
thanks for the imput ED