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hooking up the wastegate

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My wastegate has been plugged by the po. I was wondering how i would go about hooking that back up? thanks for any advice
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You will need an adjustable elbow to put back in where the plug is in the front of the compressor housing. Then just hook up the line. Problem solved.
It's going to be like a 1/4 inner diameter line that goes to a nipple on the wastegate actuator.
It's anyones guess as to where it's reference line comes from, but my 98 has it on the compressor housing which I assume is where his is although it obviously could come from the intake manifold plate. I guess another question we need to ask is where is the plug you're speaking of and do you want more boost than stock. If you want a stock elbow I have one laying right here I could send you. But I would recommend an adjustable...
Long as your actuator is still there which it should be or it'd be running like garbage, unless they welded the flapper shut, you have what you need other than the elbow. Pretty straightforward. Good luck!
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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