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homemade intake horn

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been trying to search for info on this, found a litte but not much.

  1. would just using exhaust pipe work good? or need something else??

  • if i gota piece of pipe, bent it to fit the hose and weld a plate to bolt up, would it work just as good as a banks, cfm, ats, afe, etc..??

  • just need to make sure it curves around to make a good constint flow

  • any one done this and did it work well without having to pay $300-$400??

  • Do you guys think its worth a shot??
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there are threads about it and plenty of guys that make them, check the link in my sig and see how we make them, and i would not use exhaust pipe unless maybe its a nice stainless piece, but i am sure thats all anyone would do anyways
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