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High pitched wine on drivers side

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Hey guys, just a quick question for ya. I get this high pitched whine with a litte vibration in the steering week when it's cold and sometimes when it's warm. I checked it out one day and it seems when I turn my wheel the high pressure power steering lines move a little bit and it sounds like the noise is coming down from the steering box area. Took it to the stealership to ask them the deal and they just said its maybe a cold steering pump but aren't sure unless try look at it. Anyone got any clue? Thanks ken
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Def not low on fluid, ill check my fittings this weekend
Fittings were loose! Good to go!
Sure is, thinking the line might be going too looks like it's leaking and the fluid was lower than the last time I checked, thanks or the input guys
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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