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Hi, I am looking at an '06 Ram 2500 4x4 Cummins with auto trans. What kind of lifespan can I expect out of this truck if it already has 227,XXX miles on it?

On one hand, I am thinking the high miles would be indicative that it's been taken care of and all the kinks have been worked out. It runs great, shifts great, steers straight and no weird vibrations, noise, etc.

However, OTOH, how many more miles could i expect out of the engine and transmission? what about the suspension and brakes? brake pads are nice and thick, rotors look to have been replaced at least once, no major 'channels' or ridges in them, and like i said, the steering feels nice and tight.

Basically, would it be unreasonable for me to expect to get another 200K out of it without MAJOR repairs/replacements? what sort of lifespan are any of you experiencing out of your 3rd gen diesels/auto trans?

and at a cost of ~$13K, is it worth it? there are a couple short bed QC 4x4 diesel 2500's in my area around $15K with 100K-150K miles, what's another 70,000 miles at $2000 less, and plus it's a long bed. should i just keep looking and waiting?
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