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High egt's and sky high engine temps that follow :help1:

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I have a 2005 commonrail with edge juice with attitude, afe mega cannon cold air intake, custom built 62/71/14 turbo, full billet goerend brothers tranny, 7" aussie stacks flowing through a magnaflow muffler, and stock sticks. Cruising aroung egt's are around 6-700 but if i lay in the throttle my egt's jump to 850-900 easily and along with them my engine temp goes to around 200 very fast. I run it at the 1/8th mile drag strip last weekend and ran a time of 9.42 seconds at 78 miles per hour but at the finish line my egt's were 1275 and my engine temp was 222. my egts dont scare me as bad as my engine temp does. Im just wondering what could be causing my engine temp to sky rocket like that when my egts go up.
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Your egt's seem to be in check. But your coolant temp seems high. It may be a 600 series trait, if not, I wonder if you have a airflow restriction between the IC and Radiator?

Like you pretty much said, the EGT's you are seeing is no concern.

Did you check your coolant level? Is your fan kicking on? Is your radiator super dirty? Does your brush guard block off the grill too much?
Is your fan kicking on?
You should be able to hear that. :thumbsup:

Also, He has changed the coolant and t-stat.

my trk runs it that range normal it is always around 190-205 but the engine fan kicks on it goes from 205 back 2 190. i think its normal cause ive not seen extreme temps. such as full overheat @ say 220-225.:confused013:
have checked the coolant level and changed thermostat. fan is kicking on and off as it should.there is a possibility of a restriction between the radiator and ic just havent had time to check it. if there is no restriction is there any other answer for this problem?
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