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HID flicker solution?

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So i installed a pair of HIDs in my 08 cummins and got the typical "HID flicker" issue. i read around about it and then searched online for a harness that might work without having to hack into any wires that i dont have to. and i found this. 4th item down;

HID Ultra Slim Anti Flicker Capacitor

will this work as it has a capcitor in it and looks to be wired just like everyone else is wiring it?
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this is one I made. I have made them for 9 or 10 different cars some just single resistor and some dual high/low resistor

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Oh I forgot to tell you If you are using a relay on a single beam kit you will only need one resistor. If you get a high and low kit and use relays you need 2 resistors. I just left the pass side Headlight unplugged but when the dealer puts the truck on the computer it will show a problem in the headlight circuit. But most dealers will have no problem with this if you tell them what is making it do that.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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