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Hello Everybody,

My name is Steven and I live in MO, I just moved here and got my first diesel!

Well actually I guess you could say its my 2nd diesel. Ever since I was a kid I knew I had to have a diesel when I became a "big kid". I was lucky enough to find a first gen dually BONE STOCK for $1,500 from a rather crippled old man. But as luck would have it, during my move (for work) from Pa to Mo she broke down so I had no choice but stuff it into a storage unit until I could come back to rescue her and continue on my way in my pos ricer.

Once I got out here and all moved in I went and and drove a Ford, Dodge, and Chevy. Man that ford is one sick truck. I was absolutely in LOVE with it. I ended up getting the dodge though (an 04), I have to admit the truck lacks things like a big roomy interior and stock to stock power on the butt dyno. But I feel that the inline 6 cyl is a real good "stable base" to build off of. Ohhhh those V8's look like a real super nightmare to mod lolololol

BUT ANYWAYS... I called my dear old dad Mike for some assistance with my 1st gen but he has the attitude "If it don't smoke black PUT IT BACK". I also tried calling my big brother Phil but the dope sold his 03 because him and his "wife to be" needed more room for the baby on the way and he didn't want to load up all his tools in a mini van :doh: Plus he just wants to put in some injectors that he says are 3 times bigger than the turbo can handle. I had no clue you could do that!!!!

That left me with my baby brother Josh..... *shakes my head* all I can say is a being addicted to crack is sad... soooo sad.

So here I am on Cumminsforum trying to learn what I can so one of these days maybe I can go rescue her

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Welcome to the CF.

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welcome aboard enjoy your stay & your new rig.
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