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HHO Generators

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Hey Guys I was wondering if any of you had tried putting a hydrogen generator on your trucks to see if we can get some more MPG. I've been doing a lot of looking into, this looks really simple. Just don't know how the ol' 6.7 would like that ??? any Ideas :w:

Cause around here Diesel is getting retarded. I'm down to driving it on the weekends and the wife drives it the rest of the week..... Thanks
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I would be interested in seeing as well. The one thread i was watching, i never saw great results, there was always some issue.

Boom: how you liking the stacks? getting too loud for you? Get any complaints from neighbors yet?
I did the Mag drive HHO kit, JUNK, CRAP, I GOT SCREWED. They said it had a money back warranty. Hell no. i gave them 700 dollars, after 2 weeks of no results and the fear of pumping water into my engine the damn thing stopped working. I called the manufacture up as the distributor quit. What a horrible person to talk to. I returned it to him. four months later i got 435 dollars back. They are Pieces of Crap people. Dont use them. MagDrive is a rip off
What do these do? Is this a joke or what?
Thanks Matt, seems like you have tried just about everything. LOL
They are a joke, But its possible that it could work. It would have to be a very effiecent Cell.

But the whole point is that you have this small Hydrogen Cell. it would produce Hydrogen and dump it staright into the Intake before the Turbo. The hydrogen would act as a fuel that would displace the amount of diesel you burn(lower the amount)
if it has a tag (LOWER YOUR MPG's) its either been returned or is in a pile of junk at the house
I still have a plan to build a Hydrogen cell and make a small 3hp or 5hp engine run off of it. So if yall hear about a small neighbor hood blowing up in Houston due to a hydrogen cell gone wrong, it was me!!
I research this for a while and they say you get better results if you install it post turbo. You have to make a ventri systen to get it to work.
Well Cowboy not yet I love my stacks to death, but I don't get to drive it much. the wife drives it daily now since she is only 2-3 mile round trip... BUT I do have some friends that hate riding in my truck cause they said it's to loud.... and every chance I get to run the E-brake I do just to pi$$ of everyone that gives me a dirty look...LOL. My nieghbors on the other hand I try to have some consideration but it doesn't last long...... As far as the HHO generator I would really like to see what I can come up with there is this guy were i work that had a 50/50 set-up on his car and he had to take it off due to the O2 sensor getting a bad reading and putting more gas into the motor. so he's reworking it, but I want to biuld my own and scale it up to my truck slowly.... I don't think this could be done if you didn't have the DPF delete though. Due to the sensor BS! anywho thanks for all of the feed back MATTOP!!!!
There was a member on the forum who told us many times how good that device I am wondering if he was just trying to sell those systems to us. He posted a lot last year and then dissapeared. I spoke with him via email a few times and he did give me some very good advice on other subjects...not so sure about the Mag drives now. In theory that type of system should help fuel economy if it can generate enough volume of the two gases.
I think under perfect conditions and in the perfect setup they would work. But getting that to transfer over to every vehicle is just a tough thing to do.
I have installed a Water for gas system on my 01. I still have some tuning to do and I'm kinda stumped. I have figured out how to fool the map sensor but the fuel pump is still giving the same output.
As far as performance, the midrange to high end acceleration has improved and most of the black smoke is gone. I suppose my MPG on the interstate would improve as that is when the turbo is actually drawing in the HHO. Around town I am showing 21.0 on the computer.
I am sure everybody knows how to crank up the fuel but does anybody know how to cut it back?
interesting discussikno

Strange enough I met a guy last week that has 2 chemists from OK City that invented this device that creates hydrogen from a pint of distilled water back in the 70s. They shelved the idea until a money man came and offered to fund them. He claimed that they had 30+ test vehicles and they are seing an increase of up to 40%!!

The problem is managing the change in fuel. they are looking for an external ecu to fool the dodge ecu. Makes me wonder if the Edge could sold their problem....
Thats what has got me stumped as well if you are only wanting to run a 50/50. How do you get the pump to cut back as well could you run a smaller injector and run a bigger return line so it could run normal and maintain a stock setting...... But I don't know just myself rambling. I've got a idea for the generator I want to billed but I need a few more we all do with diesel prices being as they are. The theory is sound and it has been proven we just need to find a way to adapt it to our set-ups.
I think I just need more HHO. If the pump sees RPM vs Throttle position, then adding HHO to the point of raising idle speed by a few revs should cut back fuel??
This "brown's gas HHO" routine is a scam. Consider yourself warned. I know just enough about chemistry to spot the fraud.

Using electrolysis to create O2 and H2 is in my opinion a very likely efficiency enhancer, and can easily be built for less than $50, using graphite electrodes, and acidified distilled water. hydrogen's (H2) extreme volatility makes it an ideal catalyst, similar in function to small doses of lpg or ng, but theoretically more effective. I SERIOUSLY doubt you would see anything as high as 20%, but I suspect 10% is achievable in a direct injection engine. (not idi) 40% gain is foolhardy, unfortunately.

I was very disappointed to see this fraudulent scam (HHO) represented in "Farm Show" Stick to electrolysis based hydrogen generators using distilled water if you don't want to be defrauded.
Workin on a Cummins N14 around 15-18 mpg with hydrogen...:thumbsup
Thats good to hear numbers aren't great but if it's only hyrdo then well done
I think the Hydrogen is a great idea. Its just the unit that Mag Drive sold was not a great idea. If any of you decide to make one, use vinager. It will work much better.

Also it will work better pre-turbo. The vacuume that the turbo makes helps the cell become more efficient. if you go post turbo, even with a venture system you still have to over come the boost/psi. if you use a venture pre-turbo you are that much better. now you have vacume and a venture effect.

There are some very efficient Hydrogen Cells out there on the market, I am not going to drop a several thousand dollars on one though. From my research I found nothing but good things about using hydrogen on a diesel, less soot, a little more HP's, and cooler EGT's are my favorite benefit.
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