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hey every one! new guy here

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HI! my name is Savva. im originally from CT and have been station in Nebraska. Im a Staff Sergeant in the Military and have been in for 6 years. I am currently on month 9 of a year tour in Afghanistan on a ETT team. fun. if you have any questions for me feel free to ask (i dont know what else to put here).

im not new to the Diesel world, i currently have a Jetta turbo diesel and had a VW touareg v10 TDI also. non diesel wise i had one older ram and a 2008 larame(sp) 1500 before i deployed but sold it so i can save for a diesel.

im looking at getting into a nice low milage 2500 cummins 5.9 when i get back. 6-speed perf. im a bit worried about getting a 6.7 from all the stories i hear about the DPF and the EGR systems.

as far as modding it?? i think the most i will do is a bully dog pmt, nice tires, turboback, willies intake and a line-x.
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Welcome, I'm just down the road a ways from Offutt AFB I'm from Eagle
Welcome one welcome all.
I would love to get a v10 diesel touareg for the wife!
my buddy is a vw tech and says those taureg's are pretty quick! Welcome to the Nebraska chapter
Hey welcome to the site...I'm a newbie too!! I just picked up an 07 qc 2500 with 12k on it and the 5.9L last month off craigslist in omaha...keep an eye out on there!

Welcome to the site Savva. Are you looking for a 6 speed auto or manual. If manual I am trying to sell mine. With or without all the mods. I am going to get an auto. I am actually talking to another forum member about doing a tranny with him, but if you are interested I would rather sell mine and buy an auto than do a swap. Stay safe and thanks for serving for my freedoms. Let me know.

My truck is in the truck classifieds with pics if you want to see it!:thumbsup:
Hey Savva, there are a few of us military guys on this forum. I am an E-5 with the ARMY guard (ex-active ARMY) getting ready to deploy again to Afghanistan in 9 months. This is a great informative site I think you will find very valuable, if and when you buy your Cummins. Keep us posted, and welcome to the site.
Make that another army guard guy here. I spent a year in trashcanistan. Welcome to the Nebraska crew.
thanks for the welcome guys! yes a manual is what im looking for, unfortunatly a Mega cag is a little to mega for me. thanks though!
Welcome to the site. I am new to this site also.
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