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HELPPPPP! truck wont start and throwing P0016 code!!!!!

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First off ill start by whats done to the truck since my sig is a little off. Its 06 with a smarty with tnt mp8 60%nozzles cai and an airdog 150.

I had problems right after i put my nozzles in i would get on it and the "wait to start light would come on and there would be a big power lose. Then one day rolling down the interstate the truck just quit. It through the camshaft sensor code. Well i replaced it and the crankshaft sensor at the same time. One was a mopar and one was from advance auto but was a borg warner part. Now its throwing the P0016 code and wont start and just smoke white. There is fuel going to the injectors. The P0016 is camshaft/crankshaft sensor timing missalignment.

IF ANYONE CAN HELP ME PLEASE DO. truck has been down for a month and really dont want to take to the dealership.

Also i replaced the rail pressure sensor and still nothing as well as checking the fca.
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Morning bump!
Yeah i have and everything looks good to me
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Still down.. helpppp
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